AHC Consulting LLC offers a unique variety of seminars and events designed for business and not-for-profit professionals. Seminars offer a range of topics, including social media, strategic messaging, and innovation. Customized seminars are also available.

In a comfortable, small group setting, we will discuss tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs. You will learn the basics of social media and how you can use these tools to make a positive impact on your organization.

Led by established communications expert Allison Collinger you will leave the Introduction to Social Media with the following: 

- A basic understanding of the social media landscape (tools and strategies)
- A clear rationale of how social media applies to your organization in the 21st century
- A game plan with several steps you can take immediately following the presentation

The Introduction to Social Media is a completely interactive session with time for Q&A with the presenters and other attendees. You will learn not only from the presenters, but from the other organizations in attendance.


This presentation is geared toward professionals using digital media who are interested in implementing an organizational policy.

Your employees and other stakeholders may already be using social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, blogging and social networking sites; so it’s time to harness their power on behalf of your organization.

In this workshop in our social media series, You will learn about:

1) How to create an effective social media policy for your organization; 

2) Sample policy case studies from specific industries and organizations;

3) Specific challenges faced by the other organizations with the opportunity for discussion and Q&A with the presenters and other attendees

You will learn not only from the presenters, but from the other organizations in attendance, and leave with a basic outline of an organizational social media policy.

Introduction to Blogging
Blogging can enhance your individual or company's communications goals, provide a relatively inexpensive way to share content and build relationships, and can assist you or your business in resonating with 21st century readers.

Geared to the beginning or intermediate blogger, and lead by seasoned communications pro (and newly minted blogger) Allison Collinger and long-time blogger and social media enthusiast Susan Iskiwitch, the presentation will highlight considerations like which tool to use, free versus hosted blogs, how much personal or employee time to commit to blogging and the reallocation of existing resources and best practices. This seminar will also touch on the social aspects of blogging: authenticity, transparency, engagement and the forging of relationships and is appropriate for the potential individual or business blogger.

Attendees walk away with a personalized plan of blogging tools (such as WordPress and Blogger) and topics for their potential blog, along with an understanding of blogging fundamentals (such as search engine optimization and online visibility) and how (or if!) to start blogging for business and/or personal use.

Introduction to Blogging
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